What is Beyond Border?

Learning is an on-going process with no limitation or boundary. We start learning since we were born with speaking, crawling, walking; and then we learn about manner, behaviors, knowledge and skills, either at school or in daily life. As we grow, the demand for learning new knowledge and skills become more and more significant. We start looking for extra classes, online tutorial or distant courses. Unfortunately, those methods are either time-consuming in searching for information, waiting for the registration process and scheduling time, or inefficient as it ignores the importance of human direct contact.

Understanding those constraints, our team are building a ‘Beyond Border’ community in which learners and professional/ semi-skill providers in your local area can be easily in direct contact; and learning new skills can become much more fun and effective. With Beyond Border, learners can quickly find information about several qualified individual skill providers in different fields with just a few clicks; and professional/ semi-skill providers can effortlessly present themselves to the public.

Our Vision and Mission

​Our vision is to build a community in which people who share the common skill interest and cherish human bonding can be connected with the support of technology. 

Our missions are:

  • To learners: Providing a platform where learners can actively access and search for private tutors in diverse skill areas close to their location effortlessly. 

  • To skill providers: Hosting and presenting their profile, supporting in marketing and reaching potential learners. 

  • To society: Encouraging human bonding and promoting the importance of human-to-human contact along with the advanced technology.

Our Story

​This long journey of Beyond Border started way back but in retrospect, if we must pick up a direct incident, that would be this little Thai cooking project. 

Anjana has a great passion for Thai cuisine. Instead of spending money to dine out every weekend, she tried to learn Thai cooking by watching YouTube videos. ​There are several tutorial videos online which are very much well done without any debate; however, there was still something missing and the result did not turn out as she expected.

Anjana was not the only one. The majority of us experience the same when it comes to cooking. We went out for grocery with great excitement, we bought lots of ingredients and dreamt about the flavorful and delicious meal made by ourselves, just to face frustration and disappointment in the end.

Fortunately, it was not the end of the story, Anjana had a Thai friend who eventually helped her out with her little project. She could ask questions, touch the ingredients, smelled the real flavour - it was like learning from all of her senses. And most importantly, it was fun, flexible and properly done. Needless to say, having someone who is skillful instructing us makes things much more enjoyable, which we cannot gain from tutorial videos or course books.

Not only for learners, skill providers also have their own issues. We know people who are gifted with dancing, who spent more than a decade learning to become professionals, but then they never made it to the big stage or get into the big academy. They love to share their skills with other people but they do not know where to start and they end up doing the job which brought them no passion. Those professionals, they carry a burning fire in their hearts and they have great desire to pass the fire to others, all they need is a platform to connect. And that is exactly why Beyond Border exists.

We were planning to start a company which promotes human bonding in this age of digitization and we realized social-learning has immense potential in Finland as well as in all over the world. There are so many talented people out there, who are not practicing their skills professionally, but they can teach the beginners. The idea of creating a transparent platform, connecting individuals and making learning fun stuck. And that is where the journey of Beyond Border began.

Why choose us?

​At Beyond Border, we are more than just an online platform, we are people behind the screen who believe in human value. We cherish you as an individual and we work hard to see your success. We believe that each in every one of us deserves a chance to do what we love, to learn what we want and to live our lives to the fulfillment. 

We vow to work hard to provide you with a community where your need is a priority, and we promise to give you our full support during your learning and coaching process. If you wish for the same if you share the same value, then why hesitate, click and start exploring with us.  

It is never too early or too late for gaining new skills. Don’t wait. Let’s learn together, fulfill your life and strive your horizon.

Try Beyond Border.

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