Do I need to have experience in the skill which I am providing? If yes, what kind of experience do I need?

For becoming a skill provider, your knowledge should be such that you feel comfortable teaching/explaining that skill to your learners. Skills can be gathered through professional courses or degrees or experience gathered by extensive practice in the relevant field. Although the level of the skill provider can vary, it must be substantial for the target learners. 

For example, a person having a degree in the professional course of photography can become a skill provider as well as a person who is quite good in photography due to extensive practice. Further, depending on their expertise, skill providers design their lessons for beginners or experienced. Beyond Borders will ask for evidences for their proficiency, however, your learners are your ultimate judge. 



Do I need to have separate profiles if I can teach multiple skills which fall into different categories?

Yes, if you fall into two different categories, then we will make two different profiles. In our experience, this works the best. We are working on proposals to make packages for individuals wanting to create more than one profiles. Currently, the subscription is free, so feel free to create more than one profile.




How can I create an interesting lesson?

Beyond Border assumes Skill Providers have some expertise in the area they want to teach and thus can make the content engaging and interesting and beneficial for the students. This will lead to loyal customers for the Skill Providers. Beyond Border will help and give suggestions to Skill Providers if they contact Beyond Border for advice. This advice may be limited to what Beyond Border has experienced from other Skill Providers. However, we believe that we will gather more expertise on how to provide excellent lessons and we will transfer this knowledge to you to make you successful. 


What happens when I go on holiday?

We can either hide your profile or put not available with start and end date if you inform us by a written request.




Who is responsible for paying taxes over the money earned with the Beyond Border service?

You as a Skill Provider are responsible for paying your own taxes. This is thus not considered as Beyond Border's liability. 

Beyond Border is a hosting platform and thus helps skill providers to reach to a wider audience or to gain visibility. The transaction is between the learner and the skill provider and thus Beyond Border is neither directly responsible nor sufficiently authorized to pay taxes on behalf of skill providers. 

Being said that, Beyond Border takes the taxes very seriously and advise strongly to the skill providers to pay their taxes at the appropriate time. Beyond Border encourage skill provider to use one of the many options available to an individual to pay their taxes. For example

  • If skill providers own their own company, they can show the earning in their companies’ ledger.

  • Earnings can be declared to the government directly by updating the earning information by declaring the income in the Pre-completed tax return which you get from vero.

  • While preparing for the tax card, you can approximate the income and thus pay the advanced tax.

Please note, these are just suggestion which Beyond Border found from vero.fi and not an exhaustive list. Please consult vero.fi or tax expert for more details.



Who is responsible for unprofessional behavior caused by the Service Provider or Service Requester?

The interaction between Students (Service Requester) and Service Providers is like any interaction which people have every day. You should treat the other person with respect and courtesy as the social decorum mandates. Beyond Border is only responsible for connecting interested parties and thus is not liable for bad behavior either from Student or the Service Provider. But Beyond Border takes complaints about unprofessional or unruly behavior very seriously and if it is proved, appropriate action will be taken. Beyond Border can remove a Skill Provider's profile from the Beyond Border's website. It should be noted that if the behavior warrants a legal action, either party can involve the law enforcing authorities on their own. 


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