How can I contact the skill providers?

The Skill providers' contact details are shared on their profile on Beyond Border.  The learners should contact the Skill Providers directly to avoid miscommunication of expectation and information.

Are there any kind of group discounts?

Most of the Skill Providers offer group discounts, sometimes it is even mentioned in their pricing. Since you are directly contacting the Skill Providers, feel free to negotiate a group discount. Be reasonable in your demand and do not put the skill providers or yourself in any embarrassing situation.

I am not comfortable in going or calling Skill Provider’s (at) home. What should I do?

There are many public places (e.g. a library) where you can plan your lesson if possible. Another option is to tag a friend along. It becomes fun when you are learning with your friends. We are gathering constant feedback from our learners, thus if you feel the meeting was not proper, please report this to us. Please note that your Skill Provider is in the same situation as you are. They may also not feel comfortable meeting a big group alone. We try to work out these situations with mutual consent and discussion.


What if Skill provider does not respond?

Have patience. Give them one day time. If it is urgent or they still not reply after a day, please contact another skill provider or Beyond Border.


Who is responsible for the unprofessional behavior of the Skill Provider or Learners?

An interaction between learners (service requester) and Skill Providers is like any interaction which people have every day. You should treat the other person with respect and courtesy as the social decorum mandates. Beyond Border is only responsible for connecting interested parties and thus is not liable for bad behavior either from the Learner or the Skill Provider. But Beyond Border takes complaints about unprofessional or unruly behavior very seriously and if it is proved, appropriate action will be taken by the company leading but not limited to immediate expulsion from its platform. It should be noted that if the behavior warrants a legal action, either party can feel free to involve the law enforcing authorities on their own. 


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