Green Curry Workshop

Green Curry is one of the most popular dish in Thai cuisine and is surprisingly easy to cook. That is the reason why some of very busy traveling consultants, who were tired of eating of eating out every day, wanted to learn this dish from our skill provider Cattareeya. 

At the end of the class, they got to have a tasty dinner which was prepared with their help. So, they learn and understood how the food must taste like. Something which you can not do while learning from an online video. A picture worths a thousand words. Let the photographs tell rest of the story.

Some of the ingredients, ready for cooking.
Broth is brewing, just follow the instructions :)
Explaining the quantities and properties of the ingredients
Difficult to take a picture, eager learners wanted to understand everything.
Hand me over the fish sauce.
Almost over!!
Final Product.
Happy faces after the dinner :)
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